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YouTube Alternatives
Top 10 YouTube Alternatives in India - 1Alternativeperday

YouTube has been there for a long time, and the catch line is also broadcast yourself. YouTube is always fun to stream and watch videos that are trendy and for other music videos. Some people have made their career out of it. There are other platforms where content is being published, and people love it. They might in a paid version or any other versions. But the advantageous factor is that YouTube pays for creating the content, and the content should be amazing regarding the creator. However, we’ve curated some of the best YouTube alternatives in case you’re looking for offbeat entertainment as well. Most of the apps like YouTube also cater videos but are certainly not free. So, go have a peek.

1. Amazon Prime

Another fabulous gateway to the entertainment and stories that are to be told. It also offers the one-month free trail and then the casting of shows and movies. This is in on Amazon, and there are different shows and movies that people love to watch.
Now Amazon Prime has launched tie-ups with Indian Comedians that will be aired on Amazon Prime, and this is a tremendous opportunity for them and amazing.

2. Hotstar

Hotstar the Indian version of Netflix with only Indian shows and other movies. It is in accomplice with Star Network. Hotstar offers shows that are genuine and classic. There are new released Indian Movies that are classic.
Hotstar also has the premium slot where certain shows are paid per view.

3.Netflix – Best among Paid YouTube alternatives

Netflix is fantastic, and it was launched in India in 2016 and people have been using it. It offers the one-month free trial, and then the payment is made according to the things you want to watch. There are Indian movies with different shows that are crazily loved. Netflix has been there for a long time, and big production houses have been the benefits.

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A platform like YouTube but not YouTube, here videos can be published and liked. Videos are personal and somewhat like the famous ones.
Here, artist, independent creators post their work and they get appreciated and loved for their work.

5. Voot

This is new and is combined with Viacom18 production. Voot app mainly focuses on Television Reality Shows, and other kid shows for entertainment purposes. Voot also encourages new fresh content that is original and other stuff that is new in the market of entertainment.

6. Yupptv

This app is what Television offers with other entertainment purposes. Yupptv app is available in all languages. This app provides the content that is on the television and males it better with certain features.

Television is the only medium, and that being said everyone is busy into the phones and YuppTv offers that time to cover up with television.


This website allows users to watch straight free content that ‘s hard to find a place for release. also works like any other website where the one-month free trail is available and have to pay after that. This site is fantastic for creators of films and short films along with documentaries. All artists love their work to get published, and this site allows them to do so with certain formalities.

8. Fmovies

This website allows the movies that are recent releases and using this site can be encountered in many ads. This site has movies, TV shows and other content that is readily available. Movies & TV shows that are accessible and more amazingly watched. There are different extensions to it.

Warning – We don’t endorse or promote any kind of piracy or illegal media content. 


This is a website that allows users to watch and enjoy music videos that are available on YouTube but the feel and touch of this are amazing and artist, a lot of them, post their work here.
Vevo has been there for a long time.

10. TVF PLAY – Best apps like YouTube

This has been the entertainment destination for Indian Rom-com with Indian Sitcom. It has been six years, and with love garnered on YouTube, it has expanded its content on its website.

There are different shows and other movies that people can stream on it. TVF has an app for IOS and Play store.
There are different shows and new sketches that people love and enjoy. There are new things that are coming up on the platform and are amazing.

With all the apps that are amazingly new and fresh, have the content as the same. People will and might enjoy according to the preferences of their entertainment. Do share your thoughts and let us know if you’ve been enjoying these websites and apps like YouTube. Most of them are the best possible YouTube alternatives you could find on the Internet. Cheers!


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