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WordPress Alternatives
5 Best WordPress Alternatives for Blogging - 1Alternativeperday

WordPress is one of the popular Website Building Platform which offers many attractive features for developing a good internet site. But in this Competitive world, many other such platforms Suppress WordPress and impress their customers in different ways.

This article deals with such platforms which are better than WordPress, so here is the list of 5 best WordPress alternatives and CMS options you can go for in 2017.

1. Wix

Wix is a free website builder which is very much useful for small local business. It includes interactive UI with drag and drops page builders which are helpful for the beginners. It also includes the vast collection of designer-made templates, galleries, mobile optimisation tools.

Everyone can easily use this without having a prior knowledge of Programming. It uses the power of Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) which suggests best layouts for its customers according to his/her interests. The paid versions include online payment support like PayPal.

2. Web

It is one of the user-friendly web hosting platforms which offers free domain on sign up. You can create your website in minutes quickly, and it’s completely free. However Premium customers get special offers which are worth paying for it. It also provides powerful features for the quality website and includes a variety of online integrated tools and services.

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3. eHost

eHost is one of the best platforms for hosting the important and enriched website with the high-quality user interface. It also offers cloud storage and includes all the features of WordPress along with some other features like 24*7 customer support for now- premium users also which indicates that it takes care of customer sites.

eHost offers to host for the lowest price when compared to other locations. The bonus features include many tools which satisfy their customers.

4. Weebly – Best WordPress Alternatives for Blogging

Weebly is one of the professional web building platforms which offers beautiful front end UI. It includes many customization layouts and enhanced features for its customers to use. One of the main features is Built-in email marketing which synchronizes with your site.

It also provides the option for Statistical display of the accumulated data which includes transactions, shipping details, etc. It also includes many advanced features like accounting, lives chatting, and connecting high-quality apps.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is a free blogging platform. It integrates social media into blogging which makes blogging much more attractive. Users can also use custom domain names for their Tumblr blogs. This feature is also available to its non-premium users which makes it much more appealing.

So, this was my take on the top WordPress alternatives in 2017. There are other CMS and platforms like Blogger, Joomla, Drupal but they’re pretty old and known to the masses. Moreover, these services are pretty easy and you can start your website or blog within minutes after using these WordPress alternatives. Cheers!


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