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Viber Alternatives

Viber is one such app which had come to the rescue. It provided free features such as audio calls, video calls, text messaging and sharing of multimedia messages. Its use had spread to the masses, and it was getting quite familiar but, change is what keeps the world going. This post, however, is about the 7 best Viber Alternatives for Android devices.

Viber though had its unique features but what it had lacked was innovation. It continued to operate with the same old features with which it was first made without any exclusive updates. Due to these reasons., it is no longer used as it was used before and has been taken over by other similar apps.

The top seven Viber alternatives have been listed below:

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is what keeps the world connected. It provides you with the opportunity to have friends from any part of the world and not only this, but messenger also helps you stay in touch with those friends and have a peek at what is going on in everyone’s life.

Messenger lets you make free calls and send free messages, and all it requires is just a little bit of your data. It has many extended features, unlike other apps it has the facility by which you can see when a person has seen your message.

It also helps you to maintain privacy using the feature of ‘Chat off,’ this does not let people see that you are online and you can continue with the work you have smoothly.

2. Hike

Are you tired of you phone bills and call charges? Then the solution to your problem can be installing hike messenger. Hike uses the least amount of data among all the other apps, and the features that it has are beyond excellence.

You can not only make video and audio calls or simply send text messages, but you can also share your live moments using Hike Stories which will remain on your timeline for only 48 hours and then disappear.

Hike has many other additional features like stickers, offline messaging and live filters. Individual chat encryption is yet another feature of the hike which makes it unique from all other apps on the list.

3. IMO

All the other apps that have been mentioned above support one-to-one video calling but not video calling in a group. But, this enigma of yours could be solved using IMO. It allows one to have a face to face conversation with four people at the same time.

All you need to do is make a group and click the video calling icon. Along with this IMO also supports audio calls, text messages and the sharing of pictures and videos.

The other feature of IMO which makes it stand out from the rest is its doodle feature which allows you to doodle whatever you want and send it to the person on the other end. Thus, IMO is all you need if you want to video call with all your family members at the same time.

4. Google Duo

Google Duo, the name itself suggests how safe and reliable the app must be and if you think that what made me say so then, let me remind you that it’s “Google’s,” what more specification does one need to decide whether the app is good or not. The duo is a simple video calling app which allows you to have a one-to-one conversation with any of your friends who is on duo too.

Unlike other apps, one cannot send text messages or make audio calls on the pair. It is made for just one purpose, and that is video calling. It does its task well and does not go with the saying ‘Jack of all trades and master of one.’

The one feature of Duo which is different from other apps is the preview feature which allows the receiver to recognise the caller before getting on a call. Thus, if high-quality video calling is all you want from an app, then duo is the best option possible.

5. Whatsapp – Currently the Best Viber Alternatives

The most widely used app in the world today is WhatsApp. The main reason behind it being the excellent features that it provides and its user-friendliness. WhatsApp not only allows one to send text messages but also audios, videos, pictures, contacts, location and much more. The updated version of WhatsApp supports audio calls, video calls and the sending of GIFs.

All these features that it provides are free of cost, and all one needs to avail all of these facilities is either mobile data or Wi-Fi. The one advantage that WhatsApp offers over other messaging apps is that one does not need to have a tough time remembering one’s username or pin, WhatsApp works with just one’s phone number.

6. Skype

When someone says video calling, the first app that would probably come to one’s mind is Skype. Skype is one of the favourite video calling apps that had been bought by Microscope in May 2011, and the features that it provides are different from all other apps. Skype not only lets you place one-to-one video calls but it supports group video calls wherein 25 people can be added in a group for video calling.

Another feature of Skype apart from Skype-to-Skype video and audio calls is that one can even place calls on mobile phones and landline telephones with just a little bit of extra charge which is much lower as compared to the bills that you would have to pay for had you used any other traditional mobile phone network. Thus, if you want to stay connected with your family and friends no matter where on earth they are then, Skype is all you need.

7. Snapchat

Are you tired of the same old traditional apps which have features same as the other? If your reaction is yes then, what you need to do is, install Snapchat. This is the unique of apps that you can find. Snapchatters usually communicate by sending each other snaps and videos even though it has the facility of sending text messages.

The snaps that you send your friends can be made all the more interesting and creative by the use of active filters which are updated every day. You can also edit your snaps by adding tags or doodling them, and they save them in memories if you are in love with the snap.

Then there is another feature of which you can let all your friends know what you did the whole day long by posting your pictures and videos as stories which automatically disappear after a span of 24 hours. Not only this, but Snapchat also facilitates audio and video calls. Thus, if something different and something unique is what you are looking for, then nothing can be better than Snapchat.


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