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uTorrent Alternatives
Top 6 uTorrent Alternatives for Windows & MAC - 1Alternativeperday

The best part about uTorrent is it is supported by Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Event though it has millions of users the recent decision of its manufacturers about including adware and a lot of other crappy advertisements has disappointed its users. Its initial release took place on September 18, 2005. It has features like Teredo tunnelling, Protocol Encryption, Peer Exchange, HTTP tracker support, has a configurable bandwidth scheduler and is available in 67 languages.It has forced its users to look for other better replacements, and hence we have come up with a list of uTorrent alternatives so as to help them.

qBit Torrent

It comes with better speed, meagre verifying time; no adds and hence it is an open source software alternative for uTorrent.It is supported by Linux, Mac, Windows, free BSD, etc.It has a bandwidth scheduler, a creation tool and is available in 70 languages.It has IP filtering and is more organised.You can even search for books, music, software on it.Hence, category specific search requests are possible here.

The latest version of this software is a 64bit version and is compatible with Windows Vista+ and has increased memory uses.It is also more attractive looking and binds all traffic to a particular interface.It even provides control over Torrent trackers and has an integrated Torrent search option.It gives you the options of super seeding, queuing, filtering and prioritising.


It is a plugin-based software that you can customise accordingly.It is lightweight and secure, and it is open sourced and has cross-platform clients.It is also very selective as it takes on minimal clients asks for their preferred features like RSS support.It shows that it believes in quality rather than quantity.And if you also believe in this motto.

You should go for it.It comes with a client-server architecture which helps the user interface to connect to the background service.Hence, it can be used as a remote system and can be controlled via your desktop.It is supported and comes as a default feature on Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux Distributions.


This software allows its users to view, publish and share CD’s and DVD’s in HD quality apart from downloading data.Also if the users of this software want to publish their content, they can earn from it as well.It is amongst the most famous in its field.Its recent versions are more secure as they come with limited license terms.

It helps you to share your files or data with your friends and chat with them.It also comes with the feature where you can export media files directly to external devices.It sports the feature of the centralised chat and allows you to comment and rate things online.It has the specification of maximum upload and download speed.It has detailed settings option.

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It is a light weighted system released in a stand alone and portable versions.It provides you with the basic chatting option, channel chatting option and also a private messaging option and all of these are strongly encrypted.Hence, they have larger security.

It is a good example of a decentralised, networked application with 100% security as it has linear network coding which is secured by a homomorphic hash function and elliptic curve signatures.Its channels also show streaming audio and video media and help in sharing data privately or publicly in chatrooms available.

Bit TORNADO – Best among uTorrent alternatives

The best part about this program created by John Hoffman is that it transfers computer files over an extensive network with the help of the internet and it does so much of work for free.Its interface is similar to that of bit torrent client on a large scale.

It gives detailed information about connections, prioritises downloading in case of several files and is supported by IPv6.It prevents popping of adware and hence makes the entire process less annoying, and it comes in two modes namely super seeding and web seeding.It is supported by Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and PSD.

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It is an open source bit torrent client and comes for free.100’s of open source, and freelance developers together developed this software for their convenience in late 2005.It also works as a youtube downloader software and is supported by Android.

It provides you with the option of downloading any file example music, movies, apps, ebooks, images.It can even be used as a cloud downloader and has a music library and music player as a built-in feature within in.And what’s better than getting all this for free and guess what, it is.


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