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Tumblr Alternatives
5 Best Tumblr Alternatives (Similar Websites) - 1Alternativeperday

Tumblr is a popular blogging and social networking platform founded by David Karp and now owned by Yahoo! We can easily create blogs and maintain it without any difficulties. It is easy to post and customize anything from anywhere. There are other platforms for blogging and let’s check some of best Tumblr alternatives in 2017.

1. Blogger

Blogger is the best blogging platform which is owned by Google Company. It has many customizable options, themes, and templates. It is easy to create a blog here and can share the post directly in google+ It also supports custom templates and easy to monetize the blog.

We can also create our template and customize it accordingly. It gives freedom for selecting our domain name. It is easy to publish, share anything for free. We can also create multiple blogs free of cost and easy to maintain all of them. We can also check the number of viewers of our blog from all over the world. It also provides a graphical display of the viewer’s daily report.

We can also check the number of viewers of our blog from all over the world. It also provides a graphical display of the viewer’s daily report.

2. Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform established by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and launched in 2012. It provides the best blogging experience to its users. It also has news feed which is full of stories by tech lovers. We can share, publish, like the feed just like Facebook. It also provides free blogging to its users once they sign up.

It is full of Tech stories, news which is currently trending. Using the platform is easy. We can also monetize our blog just like the blogs in other platforms. Simply it’s a tech lover’s platform with all the updated tech news which we can’t resist to read. It is also famous for its tech updates in different fields like medical science, space, agriculture, etc.

3. WordPress – Best Tumblr Alternatives for Blogging


WordPress is an online blogging platform which provides an incredible number of themes to its users with different customizable options and plugins. Hence it has the highest number of users and has achieved trending position. If you want to create your themes/domains, it may cost you perhaps, but most of the amazing features are available for free.

The prices for custom domains are reasonable which a user with a computer can afford it.  Besides blogging it also provides website hosting where you can build your site which can be easily customizable.

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4. Soup

Soup is a blogging platform which mimics Tumblr and has wide varieties of options built in it. It has a news feed full of foreign news and stories. All these are imported from different social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Hence it is a mixture of other social networking platforms with many unique features. It also has groups just like Facebook groups where you can post in it directly.

5. Posthaven

Posthaven is a user-friendly blogging platform which made a promise of being lasting forever. Pay 5$ per month and own blogs up to 10 with custom domains which are boon for blog lover. The blogs can also be protected by the password, and it also provides notifications via emails. The blogs cannot be monetized which may be an upcoming feature in the future.

It provides a friendly user interface which is easy for beginners to navigate the site. It doesn’t support a trial period for its blog which is a significant disadvantage, but ultimately it is worth investing in this platform.

So, this was my take on the best Tumblr alternatives in 2017 that you can use for blogging or other publishing purposes. Be sure to check them out and let me know if I’ve missed any.


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