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Teamviewer Alternatives
5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Windows - 1Alternativeperday

There are several reasons for one wanting to access their computer screen from either far away or through a local wifi connection. The most popular of it is setting up business conferences online when the clients are scattered globally. There is various software that can help you achieve this target. One such software that most people use is the TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a remote administration and web conferencing app developed by TeamViewer GmbH. It works on operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phones, Linux, and Mac. While its main function is to facilitate remote control of computers, is also performs tasks like web conferencing, online meetings and desktop sharing. It has a free version for now- commercial users in addition to the Business Premium and Corporate versions. This post, however, revolves around the TeamViewer alternatives.

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But every coin has two faces; you might be aware of the hundred facilities that it provides but the field in which it lags is security. Many scams have been reported wherein attackers infect the computer with viruses and malware using remote control service of TeamViewer. This is one of its greatest disadvantages which can prove highly precautions for your PC.

Every problem has its solution, here are five. Listed below are top 5 TeamViewer alternatives which can provide you with the same features but lesser security risks.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

One of the best thing about Google is how you can rely upon it for stability and performance. Google has proven its worth by intervening in between the major security threat that Windows had and by its products such as Chromebook or the Google pixel.

Here Google brings to you another software free of cost or ads. Chrome Remote Desktop is a cross-platform software which allows you to remotely access your device via any platform though you chrome browser or any other device configured with the Chrome remote desktop client. The best thing about the software is that it has no cons. 24*7 support, free service, fully encrypted connection and the trust of the most beloved MNC, summing up all these, there’s nothing more you could wish for.

2. Windows remote desktop connection

The second best remote desktop connection app must be the Windows remote desktop connection. Most of the drivers that are needed by this software are already installed on the desktop upon Windows installation. Available at only Windows platforms only, the app is free and easy to set up. Download the client from the official site and follow the simple instructions to set up the server and client. You could then use the app over the net or if the desktop you want to use is available on the same network as you are connected in. Although the software needs critical permissions that might be cumbersome to some users he just adds to the security that is hard to intercept. All in all the windows remote desktop connection is a perfect package of reliability, stability, and performance.

3. Mikogo – Best among TeamViewer Alternatives

If you are looking for a software that is very easy to setup and can provide you with all the above mention features then look no further.  Mikogo requires no downloads, no extension or no expertise in programming to setup.  The user can share their screen or any content running on the screen in true color quality and can connect to 25 participants simultaneously on the online conference. Mikogo app is available on Android and iOS wherein the users can connect to the conference without the use of a laptop or PC. A free Mikogo account is all you need to get this all done. You can also invite participations or schedule a meeting and let Mikogo send an invitation to the participant so they never miss the timeline. Mikogo is suitable to all types of users, from average computer novice to more advanced users.

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4. Join.me

Join.me is available in two varieties pro and the trial version. The free version of join.me is available for 14 days and then the users have to start the pro version. Talking about the free version, it allows you to hold an unlimited number of meetings with up to 10 participants per meeting and up to 5 video streamers. The best part of it being that you can chat with participants or even let them control your computer.

If you want to host a meeting on a bigger scale, then you can subscribe to the PRO pack which allows up to 250 participants to join the meeting. The meeting can be attended over a PC, iPhone or any android devices. You can also send invitation and link to participants to join the meeting. If you are a business professional and hold regular meetings then join.me is a must have for your enterprise.

5. SplashTop

Developed by SplashTop Inc in the year 2007, Splashtop is a remote accessing app. Using this app people can remotely access their personal as well as shared computers through any device. The feature which makes Splashtop best is its reliability and security.  All sessions are encrypted and protected by two-step verification and multiple passwords. It provides you the ability to access your computer from anywhere.  Another feature of Splashtop is that no software installation is required and computers can be connected with merely a 6 digit code. Splashtop also includes a web browser, a Skype VoIP, a GUI and an adobe flash player. Splashtop is trusted by many leading companies such as Toyota, AT&T, Autodesk and Chicago Title.

So, this was my take on the very best TeamViewer alternatives for Windows and Mac devices. You can download them from the links mentioned and they are pretty efficient as well. Do share your if we’ve missed any good one. Cheers!


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