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Skype Alternatives
6 Best Skype Alternatives for Android - 1Alternativeperday

Technology has extended world-class services at international level, enhancing networking platforms for both business and personal uses. It is much easier to communicate your messages and initiate talkfests with people you’d probably never meet.

Skype is one such development where you can save time and money for a simple app download. It is mostly free of cost with a straightforward interface, offering you various services such as Real-time webcamming, free international calls, audio, and video conferencing, etc.

‘Skyping’ might not be the first choice for many, due to many pitfalls ingrained in this app such as inevitable call drops, feasibility concerns and problems related to device support.

Also, users might have to pay for many premium services and subscription packages, and not many would be able to afford these. So for all those, who are looking for more substitutes, here are few Skype alternatives you can choose from:

1. ooVoo

ooVoo offers better quality and consistent interface than Skype. It was released in 2007 and is similar to Microsoft’s Skype and Apple’s FaceTime. It is a fluid app that runs smoothly notwithstanding the phone specifications or connection speed. Due to its flexibility and independence of hardware requirements and connection quality available, it becomes a solid choice for many users.


  • High quality calls at lower bandwidth due to cloud processing.
  • The free group calls for up to 6 people.
  • Services of this app extend to all the great networking platforms.


  • Calls are limited to a few countries.


Voxofon is situated in Houston, Texas and was founded in 2008. Signing up in voxofon offers you plenty of talk time for free. Besides, viewers get to earn free credit through ad viewing, taking surveys and watching explicit videos. It offers the cheapest international calls relative to its competitors.


  • Supports PalmPre across various platforms.
  • Simplicity and flexibility in the messaging and voice calling services.
  • Cheapest international calls in the market.


  • No free service available except initial talk time.
  • Not much to offer for low tier phones.

3. Whatsapp – Best Among Skype Alternatives

Whatsapp was taken over by Facebook in the year 2014 for $19 billion. Initially designed for Instant messaging strictly for texts, this app has drawn in mobile phone users due to its simple interface and networking potential to become the largest social network in India. Whatsapp has extended its services in video calls and phone calls in last few months. Due to free availability, it is a personal

Whatsapp has extended its services in video calls and phone calls in last few months. Due to free availability, it is a personal favourite of many.


  • Consistent with mostly all smartphones models.
  • Free texting, calling and video conferencing in real time.
  • Easy installation and Simple sign up through mobile numbers and little or no complications regarding account registration.
  • Free of advertising since 2009.


  • Privacy issues due to source code and encryption glitches.
  • Limited tools for sharing documents and files.
  • Falls short on the quality front for voice messaging, video calling and image sharing.

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4. IMO

IMO offers a simpler interface than many apps, and this has contributed as a major factor in the rise of its popularity. It is cheap and affordable across various packages it offers. It lets you call in voice and face, no matter what device your family might be on.

It has been offering its services for quite a while now and my personal favourite among Skype alternatives.


  • Supports other networking platforms such as Facebook, Google chat, etc.
  • Free pop-up notification sessions at tabs.


  • No instructions regarding how to continue your sessions regarding messaging.
  • Limited interface, no support for customised fonts and emoticons.

5. Viber

Viber is the messaging app that lets you make voice and video calls to another party with Viber only. It is impressive on privacy front and for low-end connections. It has relatively more features than most of messaging apps.


  • Helps users avoid long- distance charges, provided your friends use this app too.
  • Good call quality and intuitive interface.


  • Limited user base.
  • No facility of participating in public chats
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Poorer quality relative to Skype.

6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook has offered messenger to its users where they can send texts, make calls and send video messages across the globe for free. It supports a change in network connectivity and great networking due to its extensive user base.


  • Can be linked directly to the phone directory.
  • Easy sign up through Facebook account.
  • Messenger lets you send money through payment options.


  • Collects information and use of personal data for advertising purposes. (but based on your permission)
  • A necessary tool forced upon the users due to its exclusion from the main Facebook app.
  • The group calls only through voice.


  1. A great alternative is Brosix. It is an affordable application with a lot of features in it. You can have video calls with it, you can chat with the users in your network and other features that aim to facilitate you and your daily work obligations. Brosix cover all of the security requirements in the USA , including HIPPA. Try it.


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