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SHAREit Alternatives
5 Best SHAREit Alternatives for Android - 1Alternativeperday

SHAREit is one of the world’s fastest way to share files and data such as contacts, pictures, videos, etc. across devices and you do not even need a Wi-Fi connection. You can rapidly send the app itself to other devices, which includes Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows PC. You can get this app on Google Play Store. But ads are too intrusive on SHAREit so we thought, why not a list of apps like shareit. It is one of the best products, but its popularity and usage are going on decreasing due to the availability of SHAREit alternatives, some of which even have better features:

1. SuperBeam

Being the easiest and fastest way of file sharing, you can share large files very conveniently using a WiFi connection. With SuperBeam, you do not have to wait for manual approvals for connecting your Android devices. It has a unique feature of adding unique numbers to the files, which prevents any duplication of files.

To send or receive any file, you either have to use the QR code, or you can manually enter the sharing key. By default, it stores all the received files under a directory named “/sd card/SuperBeam.” You can use it in Android 2.3.3 and all later versions. Some of its features include multiple file sharing, various themes, and the pairing of devices using NFC or QR code.

2. Xender – Best among SHAREit Alternatives

Xender provides seamless file transfer to other devices and even supports cross-platform transfers. It is another fastest way of file sharing as it moves at a speed which is 50 times quicker than that of Bluetooth. English, Hindi, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Indonesian are some of the languages supported by this app.

You can share as well receive data at the same time and up to five devices at a time. With just one click, you can share files, apps, contacts, music, pictures, videos with its “Phone Replicate” feature. Just one click and you can listen to your favorite music. This popular app has more than 1 million users worldwide and has got 4.3 rating in Play Store so far.

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3. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere provides cross-platform file transfer and does not require cloud storage. It is a secure and quick way of data transfer as it uses peer to peer networking. No login or registration is required. To sync the devices, you can just enter a one-time code of 6 digits. It transfers unlimited files and data instantly. This app can be used across all the mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and PC such as Windows, Linux, MAC.

4. Zappa

Zapya is another popular app that provides cross-platform file transfer. Just like Xander, it also supports multiple languages. You can easily and quickly transfer all your files to Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad, and MAC computers. With Zappa, you can share files with up to five devices, as it uses MultiPeer connectivity.

There is no need of cellular data, as it transfers files over LAN, WAN or HotSpot by directly generating and sharing the QR codes. It is straightforward to use as it does not require cables for the device to device sharing of files. Android, iOS, Mac OSX, Windows XP/7/8/10, Windows Phone 8.1/10 and Web are some of the platforms across which you can transfer all your files of any size and format. It just takes a minute to transfer more than 120 pictures and less than 5MB per sec to transfer massive files. It provides backup to your files by transferring them from your old phone to the new one.

5. AirDrop

AirDrop is popular amongst its users because of its wireless file transfer feature. It is an easy way of sharing files as you just have to drag the file you want to share with the contact photo of the desired person. Once the sent file is verified by your Mac, a request message is forwarded to the recipient. The data gets stored in the Downloads folder after the recipient has accepted the offer.

Neither it requires any setup or individual settings nor a wireless network infrastructure or base station, as it uses peer to peer Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless file and data transfer. If you want to get and verify the identity of the person who was trying to send you a file, you need to use an Apple ID. If the sender has an Apple ID, has signed in with his or her ID and is even in your Address Book, then you will see his or her name along with the photo in AirDrop.

So, these were some of the file transfer apps like SHAREit and in fact, the best possible SHAREit alternatives that you can find on the Play Store for Android. Moreover, they’re also available for iOS and Windows devices. Do share your thoughts like


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