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Paytm Alternatives
Top 5 Paytm Alternatives in India - 1Alternativeperday

One of the most downloaded app on the smartphone by users for electronic payment is Paytm. It is India’s largest mobile payment service, it was launched in August 2010 and since have grown to be something better.

Paytm is not just an electronic payment method but also a commerce company that all together offer various features to its users. With time Paytm is generating revenue at a great rate but has been offering the same old features to users from a long time.

Here are some great Paytm alternatives that give it a great fight and offers something extra to enhance the experience and allow users to get many things or everything on a single platform.

1. Mobikwik Wallet

It is also an India based company that allows electronic payment that allows a different kind of transaction through your smartphones. Mobikwik is the second most downloaded and used the app in the category.

Regular and attractive offers that allows its users to save money while making any transaction. With secure and efficient security locks on the wallet make the user free from any theft or misuse of their money. Some of the great features that Mobikwik has to offer that makes it one of the best e-wallets are:

  • Regular offers on the app allow users to make a considerable amount of savings from their periodic and small transactions.
  • The easy and straightforward user interface allows all age group users to make transactions swiftly.
  • An excellent security system which has different modes of security locks to allow a user to choose from code, password and more.

2. PhonePe: Best Paytm Alternatives in India

Easy and fast payment is the idea then PhonePe is the best one can look for to use. Specifically built for the Indian users for the cashless nation and digital India, PhonePe makes any transaction swift and protected.

PhonePe is a free app that can be easily found and installed to smartphones through Apple store or play store according to the platform. It is one the most trusted e-wallet available in the market. Features that makes PhonePe on of the best are:

  • Comfortable and secure sign up builds trust from the first click.
  • Straight and straightforward interface that allows all types of a different kind of transaction from the mobile top up to transferring money to other users without any hassle.
  • All time and fast customer support solve any issue quickly for a better experience.
  • Secure methods to save your cards for easy use makes it easy to operate.
  • Transaction security makes every transaction safe and monitored.

3. Oxigen E-wallet

It is a semi-closed electronic wallet that makes any transaction or transfer of money discreet and protected. Oxigen Service India Private Limited which was established in 2004 which launched its electronic wallet in India in 2014 to keep the nation walk along with others. It is a trusted wallet for types of digital payment and transfer of money with high speed and security.

Oxigen Wallet is a certified portfolio by RBI which makes it one of the best wallet. It is also loaded with features to maintain safety and simplicity for a great experience.

  • Suitable for all digital payment and top-ups.
  • The sleek and straightforward interface makes it better for transferring money or any other transaction.
  • Available on Android, Apple, and Windows.
  • Have all the features that any other electronic wallet has to offer.
  • Password protected transactions gives new trust.

4. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM)

Developed by our government of India, BHIM is based on the Unified Payment Interface also known as UPI. It was launched during the revolutionary period of India and its currency, to promote digital payment BHIM was started under the program of Digi Dhan Yojna after the great freedom fighter Bhim Rao Ambedkar Ji.

As initiated by the government BHIM is compatible with all phones and to all the institution that supports money transaction. Features that make BHIM the best digital wallet are:

  • Underpinned by all Indian banks over the nation.
  • Linked to Aadhar card makes the transaction smooth without any hassle for confirmation from banks or individual codes from banks.
  • Allows users to keep track of their transaction and enable users to check the balance of their bank accounts.
  • Enabled by an excellent security setting to protect the user from any theft or any other danger.

5. PayU Money

PayUMoney e-wallet was launched by PayU which is suitable for all kind of online payments and transaction. It is loaded with different features and offers that attract more and more users. Secure transactions with not only banks but with all the merchants out there in the market which makes trusted communication. There are more features in PayUMoney electronic wallet are:

  • Rewards points for every transaction which helps in saving more.
  • Buyers Protections features allow merchants and customer from any fraud.
  • Secure payments methods with debit cards, credit cards, and net banking.
  • All modes payments don’t hold users to a single process.
  • The interface is straightforward and straightforward which makes it easy to use wallet.

Above are the best five E-wallets are Paytm Alternatives which enhances the experience of users and promotes Digital India and leads our nation to a better future.


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