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Oculus Rift Alternatives
6 Best Oculus Rift Alternatives in India - 1Alternativeperday

With the advent of virtual reality and 3-D modeling, technology has given us a new perception towards our entertainment. VR Headsets are the ones that get the credit for getting almost every teenager move here and there with headsets on. Initially, the market was dominated by the leading Oculus Rift VR headsets, but they’re bit expensive and bulky. So, here are the best available Oculus Rift alternatives that you can buy in India, USA, UK, etc.

The Top Oculus Rift Alternatives

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung worked with Oculus to develop a tool –Virtual Reality. The experience of the virtual reality can be taken by attaching the phone to the headset of VR.

The picture quality of this device is so good that the reviews of this device have been active and healthy.

A 360 view perspective can be considered, and the unusual design is another perfection that can be of greater appreciation.

Homido Virtual Reality

This Gear of VR will work with iPhone devices. In fact, the Homido works with most of the big-name phones.

It is compatible with most devices as it is extended and the Homido headset is similar to the Gear VR. There are applications that it distributes which are available in both play store and app store in Apple. It has the app for movies to play.

Zeiss VR One

A new entrant in the VR market, Zeiss is a maker of high-quality glass, often found in camera lenses. The entrance of this device is a major market penetration for its quality.

The first feedback has been positive, and the VR one site states that it supports smartphones with the display size between 4.7″ and 5.2″. The VR One has an amazing transparent front shield, this making it fantastic, making it possible for augmented reality apps with your phone still in the headset.

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Avegant Glyph

Avegant describes the Glyph as media wear, a new tech in the world of entertainment. The Glyph brings out the classic on top headphones like design until you want to use the VR capabilities. The capacity of this VR is amazing and cool to use it.

The gaming experience including the movie watching experience with the new age of virtual gaming makes it surreal to feel.


Altergaze VR is unique in that its 3D printed, which means it can easily be customized with different colors. The compatibility of this device with every phone is amazing giving it an experience of virtual reality into something fresh and new.

Altergaze was designed for mobile gaming and other movie experiences and making it so good and good for visual.

The best virtual experience can be achieved by this device, and with the advent of virtual filmmaking, everything can be accomplished.
Altergaze is one device that is to be looked after and be explored upon. This device is something that can be unique regarding its exploration.

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Google Cardboard

For a better VR experience, you absolutely can’t beat Google Cardboard on price. Like many other affordable options, it holds your phone in front of your eyes. As the name suggests, it’s made of cardboard and self-assembled and can bring VR to the masses. Being a Google product, it will only work with Android phones and only apps that are specifically designed for Cardboard.

With the approach of many movies, videos and gaming that have virtual reality as the adventure, the VR devices are in demand and are a thing to explore and love.
This Virtual Reality Experience is new, and everyone has to try it and maybe want to try it.
Well, all the alternatives look good and fantastic and are intact price with good features and quality accordingly.

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The virtual reality that has been something that everyone wants it and had to understand it thus. The fresh and new technology has been around, and everyone loves it.
The prices of these devices are somewhat right in the pocket and good at their service that they provide. So, these were the best available Oculus Rift alternatives available in India and other countries. Do share your thoughts and let us know if we’ve missed any good one.



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