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Notepad alternatives

Notepad is one of the first and the best program of Microsoft. If we make a tree of applications by Microsoft Notepad will surely be on the top of the tree and will have the title of the most senior alive program among all. Notepad is a simple program used for text editing when one doesn’t need much of text formatting. It’s been 30 years from the first version of Notepad was introduced in Windows 1.0, and till now Microsoft includes it in every version of Windows. This post is, however, about the best Notepad alternatives that you can get for Windows. The program has maintained its clear and straightforward interface and functionality which is loved by everyone.

Well, there are some moments in one’s life when they require or need some extra features from Notepad. Here are some great alternatives for Notepad which holds the same simplicity in them but have more to offer to their users. Different programs have the different speciality that makes them stand apart from the other programs. So, let’s start the Notepad Alternatives with the very popular Notepad++.

1. Notepad++ – Best among Notepad Alternatives

One of the most popular programs is Notepad++ with the same simple interface just like Notepad but with some extra and handy features which takes it a step ahead. To offer Notepad++ has some additional features which make text editing more easy with features such as spell check, better search, line numbers, multi-tabbed interface and more. These features are helpful for text editing and can be used in Notepad++ right out the box.

To take the game to the next level Notepad++ have more to offer the features as mentioned above. It is a free source code editor that is extremely generous in function which makes writing systems pretty easy and helps in produces a better work with its features like syntax highlighting, syntax folding, multi-editing, auto-completion, user language define system, regular expression search, Unicode support, brace and indent guideline highlighting, 2 edits and synchronized view of the same document user language define system, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) for printing and more.

This program is immensely popular among coders and designers who prefer to stay away from advanced tools for basic code editing requirements. Ability to support different languages such as C, C++, Pascal, HTML, XML, C#, makes it one of the best program in his field. Notepad++ can run on all versions of Windows also makes it a natural choice to work on along with regular updates to enhance the experience.

2.TED Notepad

One of the other options that a user go for apart from Notepad for basic text editing is TED Notepad. With its similar clean and straightforward interface that makes work straight is not only the reason that a user goes for it. It basic text editing features like line number, multiple undo or redo, outside file modifications, auto-save, recovery and more such features makes it accessible for such essential works.

To enhance the experience of work TED Notepad offers some great features like permanent clipboards, auto-completion, a bunch of text transforming tools. These features are some of the reasons that bunch of coders get attracted towards this program and appreciate the program.

One of the reasons that make TED Notepad shine among all the programs is its portability, small size of 120k along with some cool features that Notepad is unaware of. In total TED Notepad is liked by many users and are recommended to use.

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3. Notepad2

Calling Notepad2 the twin brother of Notepad by Microsoft, wouldn’t be wrong as they are completely alike regarding looks but Notepad2 is the brighter one among them. It packs some extra features that Notepad doesn’t offer due to its simplicity. Notepad2 have all the essential elements of basic text editing.

Moving away from standard basic text editing functions, Notepad2 offers some next level features. Syntax highlighting, supports several web languages such as C, C++, HTML, Pascal, and more, natural expressional search and replace, rectangular selection using the mouse, brace matching, auto indent, and more feature is packed in it. It is in fact, one of the most feature rich among Notepad alternatives for Windows and Mac.

Notepad2 is the best option for those users who are familiar with Notepad and love the simplicity of Notepad but also need a couple of extra features such as writing formatted code in languages like HTML, PHP, ASL, CSS, Java, JS and more. It falls in one section that is, the last update it received was in 2012 but that gets scratched as it is a portable tool and can be easily carried on a thumb drive and can run on any system without installation. Such features make it a worthy contender in the race.

4. PSPad

It offers more than just basic text editing features and is made to attract coders and designers to itself with great features. It has all the gears which help a coder or a designer such as a syntax highlighting, built-in FTP client, macro recorder, user defined highlighting, full HEX editor, integrated CSS editor and more similar features.

To offer in basic text editing, PSPad has features such a spell checker, auto corrections, search and replace, multiple tabs and some more basic features.

As PSPad has recently been updated, it has great things to offer as an alternative of Notepad, but as this program have a tie up with different other companies, it asks the user to install some extra programs along with it which brings advertisement along which makes PSPad fall sick. If you have some extra space to throw away, then it is one of the option to replace Notepad.

These are some other good best and recommended Notepad alternatives for Windows, which pack a lot more than just simple tools. Hope this article might have helped you in your dilemma. Cheers!


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