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iTunes Alternatives
5 Best iTunes Alternatives for iPhone & Mac - 1Alternativeperday

iTunes is one of the best ways to organize and enjoy the music, movies and TV shows what we already have. We can even shop for all the songs whatsoever we want to have. It gives us unlimited access to million of songs to choose. It is the home to Apple Music. This post, however, is about the best iTunes alternatives you can get for iPhones and Mac.

Everything can have pros as well as cons too. Though iTunes look fantastic from its outer sides, it has some drawbacks too, and we can see its negative aspects only when we research on its every aspect. Some limitations of iTunes are listed below:

  • Performance: If we speak regarding performance,iTunes has destroyed the company reputation through its slow and poor performance.They run very slowly, especially on Windows software.
  • Authorisation: iTunes provides the user only with a three-month free trial.After that, it needs authorization every year. Moreover, it needs to power by a computer which sometimes becomes a headache to the user.
  • File Format: iTunes are strictly formatted to mp3 and mp4 only.It sometimes dissatisfies the user too.

We need these music applications to love music but not to hate music regarding efforts done before hand to relax. Hence, we must give a look at the other good iTunes alternatives for iPhone, iPad users.

1. Ecoute

It is one of the lightweight media players that has a great interface.It has a large display size and provides playback notifications through an always-on-top widget.It becomes simple to categorize songs efficiently.

2. Swinsian

It is another iTunes alternative that focuses on media playback par and ignores anything else.swinsian app provides you with social integration.Moreover, it auto detects airplay port if available.

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3. Media Monkey

It is an incredibly powerful media management that allows us to bring all our favorite music and videos together in a single go.It also helps us to find the lost track and helps us to clean duplicates.It is a free software though, but we can upgrade it to a higher level.

4. Spotify

It has quickly risen to one of the best media players.It has a vast library of songs with a great graphic user interface(GUI).Also, to create and share the playlist, users can also find artists here.

5. Real player

Launched back in 1995, it is one of the oldest media players.We have listened to an idiom number of times that “Old is gold” and it has proved itself to be the best app in India apart from iTunes regarding availability.

In the end, it is a suggestion to one and all that make your decision wisely to select your media player.The qualities you should check while choosing a media player should be its availability, cost, interface, reviews and so on. Music soothes your soul thoroughly. It is the best and cheapest way of entertainment. Life without music is hard to be imagined. So, do share these alternatives and let us know if you found those worthy as iTunes alternatives or not. Cheers!


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