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Google Play Music Alternatives

Created by Google, it can be instantly compatible with any device or the web. Its services are available to those who have a Google account and can upload their music collection. It is an organising app as it helps to put all your music into a single library from scattered multiple computers.

If a song is added to the appliance, it gets automatically added to the music collection that you have online. It is supported by both Android or Apple systems. It comes with a unique feature which helps in adding any number of songs that you have played online being automatically available to you offline as well.

You can also automatically keep your playlist synced and not worry about transferring files and going sort of storage space, but even though it has great features, it has got even more excellent other options to try. Therefore, here are the top 7 Google Play Music Alternatives to try:

1. iTunes by Apple

As it is an Apple product, there is no doubt that it is the best in its field. It helps in organising music and movies that you either already have or you shop for. It gives you access to unlimited access to songs and lets you enjoy by entertaining you on your Mac and PC.

You can use it anywhere, anytime as it is straightforward to use and it can be used to download even if there is no wifi connection. It makes all the latest music and movies immediately available for purchase and plays them whenever and wherever you want. It even comes with a 3-month trial period.

2. BlackPlayer music player

Black Player is an outstanding looking, elegant yet simple music player who makes you feel as if there is nothing between you and your music. It has customizable tabs with an equaliser, widgets, scrobbling, an ID3 tag editor, themes and what not. It comes for free, but with minor feature and for a full-fledged package you have to pay rupees 135.

3. n7player

It sports a ten band equaliser, volume normalisation, tag editor, scrobbling, etc. it helps in organising and managing your music in a compelling manner. This app makes you believe in doing things differently. In an advantageous manner as instead of having your music sorted in different folders, it creates a giant collage-style for your music list.

The smaller version with minor features comes for free, and the elaborated version of this music player comes for rupees 223.

4. Power Amp – Best Google Play Music Alternatives

It is supported by all Android devices and plays all types of music; Mp3, mp4, m4a, egg, tea, we, ape, etc. it has a dynamic queue system and supports for m3u, m3u8, pls, ppl playlists. It features ten bands optimised graphical optimizer for all supported formats, a tag editor, scrobbling, fast library scan and can be localised into Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and much more.

5. Harmony music player

It plays tracks from SoundCloud, and Google play music, sportier, Deezer, etc. it can be downloaded for all platforms like windows, apple, penguin. This music player comes with a sleek interface and cloud compatibility.

It has cover flow(beta)that allows you a preview of your library in a unique way. Harmony can even be shifted into Dark mode by pressing Cmd+D to adjust to your eyes.

It is very responsive as it can be set to whatever size you want. Harmony Music Player even has native media keys and keyboard shortcuts, and whenever a new alternative comes out there, you get a notification as well.

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6. Neutron music player

It comes with a feature of 32/64 bit audio rendering engine and is independent of both Android OS and helps make your music sound better in return. Neutron also supports a lot of unique file types like FLAC, NPC, etc. it also has a built-in equaliser.

It is a little expensive, but if you use it, you will get the hang of it. Even though it has a lot of unique features and audio file-specific features, it is not that popular. It costs rupees 408 to be used and at your service.

7. Groove music

It is a Microsoft ad-free music app that comes with a customization playlist option and custom radio stations. Groove also comes with the biggest catalogues on this planet. It is supported by windows, windows phone, android, phone, Xbox.

You can even add music from your PCs and other devices on this app. It has different versions for different devices and is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars as a review. And all of this is for free so what can be better than this so download it and start grooving.

So, these were 7 best Google Play Music Alternatives that you can try instead. There are apps like MusixMatch and MX Player which serves you well too. Do share your thoughts and let us know if we’ve missed any.


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