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Facebook Alternatives
Top 10 Facebook Alternatives (Similar Websites) - 1Alternativeperday

Facebook has been in existence for a long period of time. Since its launch from 2004 up till now there have been many apps that are launched and with that came new innovative things. All these years the invention of new apps has made the human time to invest in that. So we look for all the top Facebook alternatives that are either new or fresh in the market of the computing world.

The Facebook Alternatives are:

  1. Snapchat

This app has been the most talked about and widely used social media app. With the stories and the filters this app has made its way to the most widely used app has is most popular among the youth. There is personal message sending option with the stories and the filters making it seem cool and amazing. Currently, it’s the best known social media platform in 2017 and the best Facebook Alternatives, however, the little Snapchat controversy might have twitched with its reputation.

  1. Instagram

Instagram has grown its popularity and alongside Facebook and making it one of the most widely used social media app that makes it under a list of unique social media apps. It made its way with live video streaming and its stories that were a bit cool. Instagram pivoted from the original goal to sharing and posting videos and photos.

  1. Bigo Live

Bigo live is new and fresh in the social media market and with its live video streaming, it has made its way to the top. This app is good in terms of its quality and the way it is used.  People can stream and watch others stream videos.

  1. Twitter

A heavy competition to Facebook and in the market of social media, this platform has made its way alongside Facebook. On this platform, people can tweet and read others tweet. It is famous among celebrities and other famous people. Twitter has come a long way and it has made its mark in that run.

  1. Tumblr

It is a place to discover new things and post stuff that you might love and enjoy. People can join the community and share things that they find readable and enjoyable. Tumblr with time has changed and updated itself with the technology and its advancement.

  1. LinkedIn

A social media where the professionals meet and talk about work. It is good for maintaining professional contacts with colleagues, clients and other. It can also be used to find jobs. LinkedIn has grown its popularity and made its way to the top social media market.

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Periscope is a new and fresh app on Android and IOS where there can be a live stream of videos. These live stream videos can be viewed by other people and people can comment and like and talk face to face in that manner.

  1. Tagged

It stands out as one of the strong contenders as an alternative to Facebook with its exceptional social networking features. Tagged allows you to personalize your profile and allow you to view and connect to different profiles that make it cool.

  1. Pair (Now Couple)

The pair is a unique mobile social networking platform where you can have just one individual connection in your network. This service is exclusively made available for couples, with privacy as the priority.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is currently third most popular social networking platform to share your photos and comments on your personalized boards. It allows you to create a free account and access its services. Pinterest also allows you to share popular videos. It helps you to share your interest.

All these Facebook alternatives have been around for a long time and people have been using it. So, go check them out and let me know if I’ve missed any good one. Cheers!


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