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ES File Explorer Alternatives

Since Android devices, unlike the iPhone doesn’t need iTunes to connect to the computer, keeping a file explorer makes a lot of sense. The mobile device that you use becomes a great replacement for a pen drive in carrying flies around and viewing them.

And that’s what the ES file explorer excels in doing. ES file manager promises to bring in desktop grade features all in your smartphone. The software can be called an ultimate masterpiece taking into account the features like the cloud storage option, “the sender” that allows a user to send files through wifi and built-in Zipping and RAR support.

The features are surely mouth watering but, everything has a dark side. The features of the ES Explorer used too much of RAM space and added to it; it is unstable at times. One thing that is also noteworthy is that due to the advancement in RAM in the newer devices in the market the ES file explorer can be a nightmare for users having RAM space of a GB or less.

Here are the top five alternatives of the ES file explorer that are worth a shot:

1. FX File Explorer

Rated 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store and over a 36k million downloads on the play store, the FX FILE EXPLORER sure is good at pleasing the audience with what’s needed in today’s world. It is available in paid or free version, and the best part being that be it free or paid the FX file explorer in both the cases offers no ads or bundled garbage.

The app has been practically designed to meet the requirements of your day to day file transferring and storing. The users can directly access their data from any of the popular cloud storages like the Google drive and while working offline get a correct graph of the content make up a total size of every folder on their phone.

This allows the user to make a proper judgment as to what folder is eating up their space and then later decide how to sort them out. Though the FX+ comes with more added features regarding security, the FX File Explorer provides ample features like the text editor, Image view, RAR file extractor, etc. to get your daily work done in a flow.

2. Asus File Manager

The name says it all. Asus has set place in everyone’s mind as the creators of perfect gaming laptops, motherboards and now Mobiles.

With very fewer features as compared to the other products in the list, this file manager does just what it has to, and it does that with perfection. The file manager provides essential features that make your data viewing experience sleek, and it is just not limited to Asus devices.

Free to download on the play store that file manager is easy on your RAM and pops up no ads or prompt to buy a full version. Users can see a graph of what fraction of the content is taking exactly how much space on their phone. Users can also access various cloud storage from their cell phones.

The only thing that makes the Asus file manager be among the competitors despite offering just basic features is its stability and simplicity. If you are someone who just wants a file manager to explore file, delete or copy stuff around and need to funky hustles or irritating ads, then Asus File manager is what you need right now.

3. Solid File Explorer

Ever Since the upcoming of Android Lollipop the mobile world was introduced to something called material design. The material design was soothing to the eyes and got a huge thumbs up, and that is why Google decided to carry on the material design mantra.

But there hasn’t been much advancement in material design apps on the play store, and especially for file managers. And that is what makes Solid File Explorer special. The developer claims it to be the only material design file explorer in the store and appealing users to give it a shot and they won’t be disappointed. And trust me when I say every claim made were right.

The Explorer has a beautiful material design with a feature of locking the files with your figure print. Solid File Explorer added to it also provide inbuilt video player and an option to view your contents or upload it to your file storage. And the ZIP, RAR opening features, support for remote servers, etc. adds a cherry to the topping, but the versatility it offers in changing the looks according to the taste is what makes it unique and worth a try.

4. File Commander

MobiSystem’s File Commander has been in Sony devices for ages. And together they have managed to get the Editor’s Choice on Google PlayStore and make their way as one of the top developers in this domain. Though being a bit stingy with features on its free version of file commander the app still provides enough features that can take down its competitors hands down.

The app in its free version is crowded with ads but other than that it makes a perfect companion for you and your mobile. File Commander lets you hide your files and folders and encrypt them too. Want to convert your file? File Commander has it sorted out for you. The File Converter in-built in the app makes it easy to convert files to 100+ formats and thus making it a perfect business companion.

5. Amaze file manager

Open source software has always gained a huge amount of love from people. The best example of it being the Linux operating systems.

Amaze file manager is a must have for the developer communities. Not a developer? No problem. Amaze file manager covers all aspects to what an ideal file manager should be. Amaze file manager is light and runs smoothly even on devices with lower RAM. Packed with all the basics function you need like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract, etc., multiple tabs to work on and a material design. Amaze file manager has nothing you would not like it.

So, this was my take on the 5 best ES File Explorer alternatives for Android and iOS devices and why they are recommended for you. Do share your thoughts and let us know if we’ve missed any. Cheers!


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