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Dropbox Alternatives
Top 15 Dropbox Alternatives (Both Free & Paid) - 1Alternativeperday

In the era of Reliance Jio where the cost of internet is even lower than your one time meal. Do you still waste your hard earned money on hard disks after your Dropbox is full? And carry it around everywhere. The problem doesn’t end here, it might even crash, and you can end up losing all your valuable data. There are several cloud storage services for different platforms, and this post will provide with all the great alternatives to Dropbox which you can make use of many of them to store the data free of cost up to a limit, and continue to use the services for as low as INR65 per month for 50 GB data. Here we will briefly describe all the top Dropbox alternatives for you.

Google Drive

This is one of the most popular online storage services. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it allows multiple people to work on the same document, leave comments, etc. Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage. However, the catch is, this space is shared among all Google services linked to the account.


pCloud is relatively new, founded in 2013. However, in just three years they have reached a customer base of 7 million. The best feature of pCloud is that it does not use storage space of the computer by default. As a guarantee of safety, not only does pCloud offer end-to-end encryption, it also allows the expiration of the links put up for public viewing. In fact, pCloud is so sure of its security that it challenged anybody to hack it for $100,000. Nobody could do it. It promises 10 GB of free space.


Box’s initial target audience was Businessmen because of which it is integrated with most apps that people use in their business. This is Box’s biggest advantage. Additionally, the apps, files are very neatly organised and simple to use. It also offers the free package of 10 GB. However, file upload size is limited to 250 MB for free accounts which makes large file uploads super hard.

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OneDrive, hosted by Microsoft, is a file storage service that is free for all Microsoft account holders. The best feature of One drive is that it is integrated with all Microsoft apps like Excel, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint. This makes work so much easier. OneDrive also allows us to remotely access all the files on our Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. It offers a free storage of 7 GB which can be extended to 20 GB with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Home.


MediaFire’s motto seems to be ‘Keep it Simple’ because the interfaces are simple as they can be! A new user starts with free storage space of 10 GB. However, with regular usage, linking the account to social media, uploading and sharing files, the storage can gradually be increased to 100 GB and even more. Since MediaFire functions mainly on Simplicity, the price is reasonable too. If you’re looking for anything simple yet efficient, MediaFire is the right Cloud storage solution for you.


If there is one thing SpiderOak does not compromise on, it is security. Only you and you alone can access your files on SpiderOak. This works perfectly for those who are looking forward to storing sensitive data. They offer four plans; a new potential customer can try a 21-day free trial of any of these schemes. You can’t accidentally delete a file on SpiderOak because it always has a backed-up file in your account that has to me removed manually.
Know more about SpiderOak at


The website reads “Super-private. Fully-encrypted. Ultra-secure” however, only its users can verify this. What works for Sync is that it guarantees 5 GB storage space free, always. Data is encrypted end to end. Files can be sent from a Sync account even to those who don’t have a Sync account. It offers Realtime data backup and assures recovery of deleted files as well.


CloudMe is a European cloud service which proudly guarantees 100% privacy as it falls under Sweden’s strict privacy laws. It offers 3 GB of storage free for anybody who signs up and up to 19 GB free storage to its users. You can sync all of your devices to CloudMe like your tablet, computer, phone. However, your files and work files will be well differentiated as you can sync folders to particular devices.

Team Drive

TeamDrive has been around since 2001. As the name suggests, TeamDrive is mainly aimed at teamwork and collaborations. The best feature of TeamDrive is that it allows you to use your server for your data. This is particularly advantageous for those looking forward to storing sensitive data. They offer three plans; TeamDrive Free provides 2 GB free. As long as you have space, you can have an unlimited number of folders. You can work offline too. Once you are online, the data is synced.

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Similar to Google Drive, iCloud is an inbuilt feature for all the Apple products. The iOS users can backup their phones, contacts, emails and much more easily just by logging into their iCloud account. iCloud also facilitates the service of iCloud photo sharing which uploads images and videos from your devices to iCloud automatically in a brief time. It allows storing data and files free of cost up to 5GB.


Mega is a secured cloud storage service with free storage of 50GB. You can upload the files on the application through your devices and get access for viewing, sharing and deleting the files anywhere with your password. You can share your files with ease just by sharing the link to the file from your Drive. It provides end to end encryption, accessible only to the user. The downside, if you lose your password, you will not be able to reset it.


FlipDrive is easy to use application which provides a free storage of data up to 10 GB. The application is built with less complicity and better organisation allowing the user to sort data by various specialisation, in the case of pictures the user can create albums. With flip drive, the user can save the events, bookmarks, documents and there is no limit on the size of the file for sharing. By joining the affiliate program of flip drive and referring people to sign up, you can earn 20% commission on every payment made by your referral. Therefore, this is a cost effective and a time-saving option.


JumpShare is the fastest file sharing platform. It facilitates more than 200 file formats, option to record screen while using it, capture screenshots and organise data by easy drag and drop sharing method. Jumpshare is free of cost, though you can unlock Jumpshare Plus features for INR580/month. It has excellent characteristics such as advanced sharing, self-destructive files, custom domain, branding and powerful analytics. The data can be shared with up to 100 recipients just with the blink of an eye.

Degoo – Among most Underrated Dropbox alternatives

Degoo is a cloud storage application with a simple interface. It provides an ample storage of 100 GB and can be upgraded to the premium account with 2000 GB plan just for INR 200 per month. Also, the user can avail free 1GB of extra storage by watching a free sponsored video. One account can be used on any number of computers. It is available on different platforms such as Android, iOS as well as Windows.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive also is known as Simple Storage Service (S3) is an online storage service which provides up to 5GB free data and only offers yearly upgrade options. The Drive has a unique service of original photos which allows the user to store photos only. It has come up with different yet exciting deals to engage their customers. All the members of Amazon Prime get unlimited photo storage, free of cost. With paying just INR3800, you can upgrade to 1TB ‘Unlimited Anything’ Plan which includes unlimited photo storage space.

So, these were the best possible Dropbox alternatives and most of them are free and offer a minimum of 10GB Cloud Storage. If you’re not satisfied with the services the DropBox offers, then these top 15 Dropbox alternatives are the best available.


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