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Clash of Clans Alternatives
6 Best Clash of Clans Alternatives to Play - 1Alternativeperday

The strategy is what we love to watch, play and do. It keeps our mind going, working and just being in the space. The gaming experience has changed through the time. The first were consoles, then the PC gaming and now the gaming experience has gone into the mobile and tablet. A person in a day uses mobile frequently and the game in it. Strategy games have also grown with time, and it has consumed the population. One of them is Clash of Clans; the craze of the game was a top. But with time came other games that made the news and garnered the love of the public. Then the time came to switch, and the switch was to the other games that were strategy based and were somewhat different. So here are some of the best clash of clans alternatives out there in the market.

Top 6 Clash of Clans Alternatives

1. Castle Clash

This game is related to the clash of clans, a base-building strategy game. You can play as the warlord by building the empire. You can make the armies, troops, and many more upgrades.

2. Samurai Siege

It employs the fort construction & massive battles. This is an award winning game & worth investing time in. It is plotted in Japanese style setting, and the game asks you to build samurai’s, Ninjas and dragon. You can play this game online and join friends from all over the world.

3. Battle Dragons

The theme of the match is based on the dragon, so the name. This is similar to clash of clans, and the game allows you to attack villages. You can build the castle, strategize the plan and attack the opponent. The game also allows joining players and playing online.

4. Clan War

This one is the most matching and similar game concerning Clash of Clans. This is the best alternative game of Clash of Clans. You win gifts and other bonuses and play accordingly. Playing with good character and music is fun.

5. Viking War

The visuals of this game are way better and are better at what it is. The gameplay is somewhat different and unique. Users might enjoy the twist in the plot and love the gameplay as well. This is a time strategy game with good graphics and chaos in the plot. This game is something no one knows about and will be loved.

6. Jungle Heat

This game is similar to Clash of Clans, and the only thing different is their armies. This game is different in the sense of its buildings and other strategy based techniques. It is available both on Android and IOS. This game involves building armies, preparing for war and then going for the killing.

All the alternatives that are mentioned here are somewhat unique in its sense. This being said they have to exhibit some behaviour that makes it different from each other. All being the strategy based games the time consumed in them will be beneficial.

Other alternatives are good and something to look out for. That being said Clash of Clans is unique on its own.


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