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Bluestacks Alternatives
5 Best BlueStacks Alternatives for Windows - 1Alternativeperday

The idea of being able to use a different interface with functionality that your hardware will be able to take care of, but functionality that your operating system doesn’t really know about does not fail to intrigue the masses, and when it comes to it, emulating the fastest developing mobile operating systems with the widest range of applications that beats its counterparts by its sheer numbers is exactly what the world needs.

I am of course talking about, the Android OS. And this brings us to the dominance BlueStacks holds over other Android Emulators in the market. Definitely one of the best Android Emulators for Windows, BlueStacks owes the reputation it has earned by being efficient, quick, and reliable. However, this post is about the BlueStacks Alternatives for Windows.

But as everything in life, it comes with its set of links, which drives the user up to the wall at times. It gives us relief knowing that there are other Android Emulators out there that we could use if it’s a particular aspect or functionality we’re looking for in an Android Emulator. Listed below are the top 5 BlueStacks Alternatives for Windows, present company excluded.

1. Andyroid

Definitely the best Android Emulator you can get for free on the market currently. It can easily run all the Android apps there are right now, including apps for productivity, launchers, and the entire arsenal of Android games there are.

And you can just as easily hook up your Xbox or PlayStation controller to your computer, allowing you to play games like Asphalt and Real Racing with your favourite controller on a larger screen. I mean, isn’t that just perfect?

And it comes with a bunch of features that make life easier, some of which include Desktop Push notifications, Sensor support, and Cloud Saving. I’d urge you to give this one a go.

2. AMIDuOS – Best Among BlueStacks Alternatives

The fastest, the most versatile, and simply the best Android Emulator your money will get you. This is a proper Android OS on your machine, that doesn’t require a dual boot, which facilitates easy switching between Android and Windows.

And just like a real Android tablet, it supports multi-touch, multi-finger gestures, with microphone and sensor support. You will essentially end up with an Android Tablet after you’re done installing this. And it integrates with Windows really easily, allowing you to share files and data with Windows way more easily than what BlueStacks offers.

AMIDuOS is very easy to work with and will get your job done the way you want it. It will run all the Android applications you can manage to throw at it, be it games, launchers, or any number of productivity apps.

3. Genymotion

If Android development is what you need an Emulator for, then look no further. Genymotion is specifically designed for Android developers, as it comes with advanced collaboration and tools for developers to make it the best Android apps testing environment.

And as it is specifically designed for developers, you can rely on its performance, as it facilitates testing of the most powerful Android apps created. It also allows you to use the previous versions of Android OS as and when required, along with specific emulation for over 40 mobile devices, to make sure your app runs on all of them, without actually having to buy any of them.

4. Droid4X

If you think your computer is low on processing power, and you find it difficult to run memory intensive applications, then here’s Droid4X to your rescue. This isn’t an Android Emulator like the other items present in this list but is what we call a simulator.

Free to use, Droid4X is extremely light and consumes negligible power to deliver the maximum that can be expected of an Android simulator, providing support for all Android applications with a much faster experience, allowing features such as using a mobile device such as an Android smartphone or a tablet to control your computer.

5. Nox

Nox is another free Android Emulator for Windows that specialises in Android gaming on the Windows PC as it includes utilities and additions that are specifically catered to suit the Android Gamer, giving capacity to the user to assign different gestures generally associated with tablets and smartphones, to a specific key on the keyboard or your joystick. For example, the up arrow key can be associated with a “swipe up.”

Another really cool feature the Nox App Player offers is the choice of running multiple Android instances simultaneously, which I have to say, is pretty darn useful. As long as your PC can handle the mountain of processing, you should be good to go.


There are much more Android Emulators out there, all with their amazing exclusive features, but also with their paramount bugs and issues. What we need to understand is the trade-off in terms of the gain as per the exclusive features, coupled with the loss or decrease in quality of the basic functionality an Android Emulator is supposed to provide.

So, whether you need to use BlueStacks or not, above mentioned five BlueStacks Alternatives would definitely not disappoint you. Cheers!


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